Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Verismo Caffe Pods Discount

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Product Information

This is the high-quality arabica coffee you love from Starbucks, roasted, ground and packaged specially for single-cup use with the VerismoTM System. For a delicious caff� latte: insert milk pod into machine and push "Milk" button, then insert espresso coffee pod into machine and push "Espresso"button.


  • Includes 8 - (8g) Starbucks� Espresso Roast pods and 8 - (10g) Starbucks�
  • milk pods for use with the VerismoTM System.
  • VerismoTM Caff� Latte Pods, exclusively for the VerismoTM System


Good, but not as good as a Caffe Latte made with fresh milk.

The espresso shots taste great and have a layer of crema as one would expect to find. My Verismo machine makes easy work of creating good coffee drinks. The negative side to the Caffe Latte pods is the milk. The milk pods contain powdered 2% milk, and unfortunately they have a distinctive taste that's not the taste of fresh milk.

too expensive, just buy milk
Dwight Squires

I use these only for emergencies, when there is no milk in the house. For that, it is worth the money, but for everyday use, WAY too expensive. I thought that the milk was okay, but I'm not so picky.

Great tasting pods!

I dont know why people are bashing this product. I guess they are just starbucks haters who feel threaten that the verismo will dominate the coffee pod market. The lattes taste exactly how they do in stores. the complaint people have is you have to use multiple pods just to get a larger cup. Not true. Just push the espesso button 4x using the same pod and you have and you have a 12 oz latte. If you follow starbucks website on how to make caramel machiatto, just follow it to the instructions and you have a great machiatto. You cant do this with Keurig, Nespresso, or Tassimo. Haters do not realize the combination of 19 bars of pressure and Starbucks coffee and syrups the Verismo provides is what separates this machine from its predecessors.Just tried the Verona coffee pod. Taste exactly like what you would buy at Starbucks but maybe better due to the 19 bar pressure instead of drip. Just push the 8 oz button. If you want a bit more push the 2oz espresso button using the same pod for a total of 10oz.I still don't know why people bash this product. I drink all kinds of coffee and not just Starbucks exclusively. I've tried Tassimo and Keurig and they taste watered down. Nespresso is good.I hope Starbucks makes a refill pod so I can also use different grounds

Rating: 2.8 6 reviews

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